Things to Know Before Installing Solar Rooftop

Things to Know Before Installing Solar Rooftop

  Nowadays, the use of electricity in large quantities is causing business owners and even residents to bear higher electricity bills. Many places turn to focus on the use of alternative electric energy, such as installing solar power generation systems or solar rooftops. Besides helping to reduce electricity costs, it is also a clean energy that does not affect the environment. Things that the entrepreneur should know and understand before installing solar rooftop are as follows.  

What is Solar Rooftop?

  A solar rooftop is the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy by means of several solar panels connected together on the roof of a building to receive the sunlight. The solar panel will generate electricity as direct current (DC) sent to the inverter and connected to the transmission line of electricity to change it to alternating current (AC) , where there will be a main distribution board (MDB) act as controlling and supply power to the factory, buildings and housing so that they can be operated with various machinery or electrical equipment.

Prepare for installation

1. Check the amount of electricity used by collecting from electricity bills for the past 12 months.
2. Check the structure of the roof that it is strong enough to support the weight of the solar panel or not. If the roof is not strong enough, it can be damaged and dangerous.

Getting permission before installation

  To install a solar rooftop, the proprietor or home owner must apply for permission from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) or the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) because it must be connected to the electricity supply that may have an effect on electrical distribution systems and safety in operation and maintenance. Such permission will be decided by the Energy Regulatory Commission or ERC.

After-sales service

    The solar rooftop installation is a one-time installation, but can be used for a long time. The proprietor or homeowner should pay more attention to the after-sales service that taking care and giving an advise. Whether it is taking care of electrical maintenance, checking the quality of the solar panel and cleaning the solar panel for cost-effective throughout the service life.