Do Not Let Your Solar Cell...Get Dirty

Do Not Let Your Solar Cell...Get Dirty

  If your home or office is equipped with a flat, tilted solar system on the rooftop or roof, which allows the active solar panel to be outdoors, and the less tilted panels will be exposed to dust, soot, pollen and the bird droppings all over the panel. This reduces the ability to generate electricity by up to 20%. Generally, rain or wind water cannot wash away all the dirt or stains on the solar panel. Therefore, we need to be cleaned the solar panel with specific cleaning equipment. The process of cleaning solar cells is not as difficult as many people think and it is an important thing to do. Today, Wealth Tech Renewable will show you all the steps for cleaning a solar panel.

Solar Panel cleaning process.

  Solar cells are used to receive sunlight all the time, thus exposing the sun, rain, and the inevitable dirt. If it is left uncleaned for a long time, the solar panel will reduce its efficiency. At present, cleaning solar panels process can be divided into two main types :
1. Hire a solar panel cleaning company. Companies that contract to clean solar panels have standard equipment and have specialists to take care of the cleaning. Each time there will be a different service fee depending on the number of solar cells. The service fee will be either a one-time payment or an annual lump sum payment. This type of cleaning is suitable for locations where many solar panels are attached, such as solar farms or industrial rooftops.
2. Cleaning the solar panel by yourself. It is not as difficult as many people think. The equipment that must be prepared for cleaning is a tool that can be found in the house. This type of cleaning is suitable for smaller solar panels, such as solar panels on residential roofs. Start by spraying the panel with water to remove dust and soot, and use a clean cloth or soft sponge moistened with a glass cleaner. Wipe the solar panel until dry completely
**Caution : using detergent, scrub sponger and a hard brush to clean the panel is strictly prohibited because it will scratch the panel. It is about your safety as well. Solar panels are mounted on the roof. Climbing up the roof by yourself can be dangerous.**

Solar panel cleaning time and frequency

  The solar panel cleaning is another matter that customers should always take care of in order to get the solar panel to the most efficient way. The frequency of maintenance depends on the installation site. Is it located in a dusty area? Is there a lot of oil mist? Is it in the construction site or is it located near where the flocks live? If there is any of the above, customers should checks and clean the solar panel at least twice a year, the best time to clean the solar panel is in the morning and evening. This is when the solar panels are not exposed to sunlight and produce less electricity.

    Maintenance, cleaning and regular checks are also important consideration for any solar-system installer. With this, we can use the solar cell efficiently for a long time. The service life of solar cells is generally more than 20 years.